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  • Accounting, Nguyen, Hoai (Hoai-Phuong), Accounting Technician IV, ext. 2260,
  • Administration of Justice, Nowicki, Dale, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Adult Ed/Diversity Programs, Nava, Dolores, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Adult Ed/Diversity Programs, Nunez, Maria, Instructor (Hrly), ext. ,
  • Adult Ed/Diversity Programs, Nunez, Norberto, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Art, Najarian, Hagop, Instructor, ext. 2610,
  • Art, Neuwalder, Janet, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Art, Nguyen, Mike, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Athletics, Nakao, Gary, Instructor (Hrly), ext. 4152,
  • Athletics, Nguyen, Long, Instructor (Hrly),,
  • Computer & Info Sciences, Nance, Wesley (Wes), Instructor (Hrly), ext. 2719,,
  • Computer & Info Sciences, Negrete, Bernard (Bernie), Instructor, ext. 2735,,
  • Computer & Info Sciences, Negrete, Terri, Instructor (Hrly),,
  • Computer & Info Sciences, Nguyen, Phuong, Instructor, ext. 2738,,
  • Cosmetology, Nguyen, Trinity (Trinity T.), Instructor (Hrly),
  • Cosmetology, Novinski, Pat, Instructor, ext. 2956,
  • Court Report/Comp Shorthand, Nagao, Denise, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Dental Hygiene, Nguyen, Ann, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Dental Hygiene, Ninomiya, Kathlyn (Kathy), Instructor (Hrly), ext. 2568,
  • Economics, Namala, Solomon, Instructor, ext. 2761,,
  • English, Nava, Michelle, Instructor (Hrly),
  • English, Nave, Marquis, Instructor (Hrly),
  • English, Nelson, Kevin, Instructor (Hrly),
  • English, Nelson, Launa, Instructor (Hrly),
  • English, Nishimura, Mark, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Foreign Language, Navarro, Blanca, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Foreign Language, Nicolas, Jean-Pierre, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Foreign Language, Nikolaou, Ursula, Instructor (Hrly), ext. 4861,
  • History, Nguyen, Son (Son Philip), Instructor (Hrly),
  • Mathematics, Ngo, Hai Phu (Hai), Instructor (Hrly),
  • Mathematics, Nguimdjou, Emmanuel, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Mathematics, Nikdel, Mojdeh, Instructor, ext. 2674,,
  • Mathematics, Ninh, Joseph, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Nursing, Natividad, Rachel, Instructor, ext. 3515,,
  • Paralegal Education, Noyes, Nicholle, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Psychology, Nath, Janie, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Research and Planning, Nguyen, Quoc (Tim), Dir of Research & Planning, ext. 2194,
  • Speech, Nguyen, Christina, Instructor (Hrly),
  • Welding, Nunez, Johnny, Instructor (Hrly),
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